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We have been hearing a lot about cloud computing. Here are some practical examples which highlight the benefit and use of cloud computing in a business enterprise.

Email - Access anytime anywhere: Gone are the days where letters were printed and authorization were obtained on them. Now everything happens over emails as it’s quick, easy and reliable too. In such scenario, it has become important for the employees and employers to be reachable on mail all the time. Those traveling often would find it difficult to access their mails without wireless facility. Cloud computing solves this through web mailing systems like yahoomail, googlemail, rediffmail where in users can access these from anywhere and everywhere and anytime.

Photos online: Maintaining physical albums of photos is very cumbersome as it consumes space, cost to print pictures and albums too. So, most people have switched having virtual albums on the cloud. Sites like Picasa, Flickr are based on cloud technology and offer space to upload and store your pictures. You can create albums, assort, store and edit photos in these albums. The best aspect is that you could share these with people you know and don’t know too. The pictures are safe and secure on these portals and don’t require to be backed up separately on any physical device.

You Tube: YouTube, the repository of all music and videos is based on cloud computing. On YouTube, you can upload almost any kind of video and music. These can be kept private to yourself or share it among your exclusive friends circle or to the whole world. YouTube is not only an entertainment tool but also a marketing tool. Many companies use YouTube to spread the word about their products.

Social Networking: Social Networking is one of the famous inventions of cloud commuting. These social networking sites are a perfect place to catch with your old friends and pals, make new friends and learn about what happening in their life’s and many times draw parallels to yours too. You let your friends know about whets happening with you, cast your opinion and invite comments on them. These days networking sites like Face book, Twitter are used for doing business as well.

Online Office Suites: There are plenty of online office suites available which are based on cloud computing. These office suites like Microsoft Office Live and Ajax13 allow you create your word documents, spreadsheets and presentations online and publish them.  You don’t need to download or install any of these softwares on your system but just use them online. Accessibility and online storage have made these products a hit.

Cloud and education: Lots of educational institution is providing courses using the cloud technology. NIIT, inIndiais a successful example of this form imparting training courses. Students need not go to the institution’s campus to attend the classes instead access the educational services by connecting to the appropriate campus network. This gives them the flexibility to learn at their own place and time, readily access to information, tech updates and e library and other resources 24*7.

These are only a few examples of cloud computing. Cloud technology can be seen in almost all fields. Still efforts are on to fine tune this technology and create more uses for it.

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