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There are a few great names in that pop up frequently when you ask Cloud subscribers to list the best ones. SOS, Securstore, Crash Plan, Mozy, DropBox, Jungle Disk are some of them, each containing features that are unique and special. So which one to choose? Any one you can but only after you weigh it against certain considerations. They are -

  • Will you access your files from your computer only or also from your mobile devices?
  • Do you have intentions of sharing the files you store in Cloud?
  • What number of computers would you like to have a backup plan ready for?
  • How many GBs/month would you need? How much of encryption would you like to have?
  • What kind of Online Backup service would you like to avail? Both monthly and yearly plans are available. Yearly plans are of course the better ones, although many now avail monthly plans first to check out the services.


SOS has a big customer base and is a favorite in Online Backup Service. The price is a little bit on the steeper side but the features are possibly the best ones in the industry. Pay around $9.99/month and you would get an online storage of 50GB, fit to be used by upto 5 computers. In addition, this plan also gets you access to a great software that continuously monitors all the file changes and modifications while updating them instantly.

All backed up files can be accessed from Apple iOS/ Android apps or any browser. There is a very helpful batch of video tutorials here which show the user the route to backing it all up with supreme expertise.

Crash Plan

This is yet another great Online Backup service that offers a host of unique features. Backing up files across every kind of OS, 448-bit encryption and multi-destination back-up are some of them. For unlimited backup for 1 computer, the charges are $5/month.


Mozy is not always the one to draw good reviews from users but with it hosting a great new mobile app for polishing up its offerings, things have become better. Sharing files through social networks have become easier and version support and great restore options to offer data support
have arrived. $4.95/month is what you pay for an “unlimited” plan.


Once Dropbox is configured in your computer, a folder by the name of “My DropBox” appears in your computer’s Document. Everything you put here henceforth gets transferred in sync to your Dropbox account. It provides data redundancy for every computer in which it is installed. Price is $9.99/month for 50 GB.

There are many more actually but these are some of the most popular contenders. For superior disaster-proofing, select one which focuses equally on both recovery and security as a long-term trustworthy solution.


Securstore offer an automated solution which does not require any pre-installed agents.  Their solutions work in any kind of setup, and can be full customized depending on the client requirements.  They cater for small one-office setups, to split sites and mobile devices (IPADs Laptops etc).

Pricing starts at £49 per month.  There are no hidden extras, and the prices includes around the clock support.

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