Cloud Computing 2013 and Beyond [Infographic]

Cloud computing is revolutionizing the way we use business software to achieve our business goals. It’s ability to easily scale up or down based on the changing needs of businesses and their customers, as and when they arise, makes it a powerful tool in any businesses arsenal, that will help businesses become more productive and save time and money. The future lies with cloud computing services but what is in store for the future of the industry and how will it affect businesses and how they process and deal with their critical data? Let’s find out.

Here are the Gartner cloud computing predictions for 2013 and beyond. Made in to a pretty Infographic by the folks over at VESK Virtual Desktop. See how cloud services are predicted to change over the coming years and decades. See what impact these predictions will have on how businesses manage and deploy critical business applications.

This Infographic was created by VESK Virtual Desktop using data acquired by Gartner.

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