5 Moments that Prove Online ERP Is Best

If you’re interested in investing in ERP software and can’t decide between an online ERP system and a full server install, take our word for it: The cloud is the way to go. Besides the fact that you will save on internal resources, implementation and updating are a piece of cake with an online solution.  Still not convinced? The following five situations are proof positive that online ERP is the best decision.

When a Power Surge or Alien Attack Takes Down Your System

Should a disaster happen (and, at some point, it probably will) you want to be able to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Of course, aliens aren’t likely, but computer viruses and natural disasters are likely.

If you’ve opted for a full server ERP option and a disaster occurs, you could potentially lose data. In the cloud, all your data will be protected off site. Your ERP service provider will protect your data by maintaining up-to-date software and hardware, providing the best security available, setting up data backup (usually more than backup), and employing highly-trained staff to oversee system function 24/7. That same staff will be standing by to answer questions and to help you troubleshoot should a problem arise.

When Your Employees on the Road Can’t Access the System

Business is increasingly mobile, and so many companies are now leveraging mobile devices to take advantage of the cloud and give their workers access to the information they need whenever they need it, wherever they are. By choosing a full server ERP you handcuff your employees to the office chair and slow down your operations.

When Your Server Blows Up

If your server fails, you’re going to need extensive repairs or new equipment, which will interrupt the work day (or several work days) and require additional investment.

When You Score a Big Investment

With a cash injection, your business can grow fast. Suddenly, you will need more functionality out of your ERP system. But, you need to purchase a whole new system to do that, and surely you would rather spend that investment elsewhere. If you had the cloud, you could scale up your ERP in no time at all, and at a fraction of the price.

When You’re Waiting to See a Positive ROI

With a full server ERP install, it could be a while before you see a return on your investment. Not so with the cloud. The investment is smaller and the results come faster.

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