Top Cloud Storage Provider for your Clouds Needs Part 2

In the previous post you read about some of the best cloud hosts but they are by no means the only ones. You can just as well subscribe to free and paid cloud hosting services from the other best cloud Storage service providers. Here they are:

Apple’s iCloud

iCloud is Apple’s cloud based service unifying all its products into a seamless integrated solution. It is intuitive, easy to use, syncs well and pushes all stored data to your devices automatically. You also get email, address book and calendar that sync with all compatible Apple devices. In order to access and use iCloud, users have to buy iWorks apps suite.  The strong point is that when you buy any new media through iTunes, they are pushed automatically to all your Apple devices. The weak point is file sharing with others.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Offering the same facilities as other cloud hosting services, Amazon excels in media, especially music but is not quite as convenient as iCloud for instance. While it is a paid service, you have the benefit of being able to upload and store just about any type of file with no limit on file size. Buy any MP3 file from Amazon and it is saved to your Amazon cloud drive. What it lacks is collaboration and file sharing as well as editing facilities online. You also have to sync files manually. While it does offer mobile support, it is cumbersome and limited to devices with Flash. Speed is slow but you have excellent back up support.

Open Drive

OpenDrive is flexible and lets users store a variety of data file types, besides allowing you to edit documents online and automatically sync to other computers as well as iOS based mobile devices. It is easy to collaborate where changes will simultaneously appear on all linked devices but sync does not cover contacts, email or calendar. It is just as easy to share links in a safe, secure, 128 bit encrypted SSL way. At the same time, you can keep non-critical documents in a public folder for general access but this is where you can set permissions. OpenDrive also lets you make back up of all data.

Egnyte Hybrid Cloud

Egnyte lays claim to being one of the best cloud hosting providers, especially for business users with a proprietary solution in a hybrid mode. Business users can integrate Egnyte with existing environments in a scalable, flexible way. Egnyte offers strong 256 bit AES over SSL security, file sharing, collaboration and support for all file types without limitation on size or type of file. Business users can also customize Egnyte domain name and upload your business logo, a positive aspect when it comes to creating an impact. Egnyte gives centralized access and remote collaboration as well as sharing capabilities along with the facility to set permissions. You can assign user name and password to each user and have full control over granting access. Another plus point is seamless sync between files on your device and cloud. Mobile access is another feature business users will like, support is available for Android, HP WebOS, and iOS based devices. Egnyte also allows editing and sharing from mobile devices through special apps. Egnyte is professional and one of the best cloud host for enterprises. It is fast, easy, intuitive and comes with full back up support.

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