The Benefits Of Cloud-Based Transactional Email Services

Transactional Email Services

If you are a business owner, then you understand the headaches that can come with cumbersome email reporting services. Many companies try to keep their email services under their own roof, but this often proves ineffective, costly, and more of an aggravation than an effective tool. In choosing a cloud-based smtp email delivery service, the service manages the technical details and allows business owners to focus on what truly matters in the business.

Most companies do not realize what they are truly missing when it comes to having an effective email service. With the ability to thoroughly track every step of the email process, email marketing suddenly becomes much more effective and efficient.

SMTP Servers Offer:

Complete ISP monitoring


Domain keys


Feedback loops

Whitelabeling options

Unique IP addresses

Link customization

And so much more

In email campaigns, around 20% of emails never reach the inboxes of their intended audience. While this may not seem like a big deal, that amount spells out fewer potential customers and a loss of revenue, which is something that no business ever wants to see.

How to Begin Making a Better Choice for Your Email Needs

By working with cloud-based technology services, you can increase your email deliverability and reduce your risks of having ineffective or undeliverable email campaigns. When you sign up with your new email server, you will easily have the ability to integrate your services and will soon be sending out emails with ease.

With these email deliverability issues behind you, you can soon begin to see real time analytical information that tracks every aspect of your email, from beginning to end. Instead of floundering around with improper statistics and information, you are armed with factual knowledge that will help you to improve your company’s email marketing campaigns.

Are Email Deliverability Options Affordable?

Many business owners are worried that switching to the newer technology will lead to higher costs. With so many different packages and features available, the costs can vary considerably based on your business needs. Most companies offer a free version that offers the very basic features that a business needs to get started. Beyond that, there are extended features that require a business to pay a monthly fee that can range from around $9-$10 a month to as much as $400.

It is important that you take into account your company’s needs before you make the decision. By trying the free versions, you can make sure that you like the service and features that are offered. Once you decide on a company, you will need to know what needs you have so that you can choose a package that offers the right services.

No matter what size of business you own, you can see positive effects from using these types of SMTP email delivery services. With less aggravation and more detailed information, these services offer you all of the tools that you need for added success and understanding in your business email campaigning.

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