Nebula Plug and Play Cloud Computer: All Set to Revolutionize Clouds

Nebula Cloud ComputingNebula Inc is a part of Rackspace. Originally started as Anso Labs and devoted to Openstack, Nebula Inc has a team dedicated to openstack and has announced a new computer system. The company’s mission is to enable companies to build private clouds and ensure safety and security of their data. Their innovative turnkey computer system uses a rack of servers and massive cloud computing resources can be developed by adding inexpensive servers as and when required.  Nebula’s turnkey, plug and play cloud computer may be the solution companies need to set up and deploy private clouds easily and inexpensively in a scalable and modular way without having to rely on big names in Cloud such as Amazon.

According to Chris Kemp, the founder and CEO of Nebula, the system is easy to set up. Companies simply need to add their servers to Nebula One system to turn them into a cloud environment. Nebula One already has the hardware and software set up and management facilities up and running, which means companies save on such costs. It takes only an hour or so for companies to have their full scale private clouds operational. The Nebula One is a model of simplicity and elegance of design. The system runs an OS called Cosmos that controls memory, storage and CPU allocation on every server, regardless of the brand, connected to it through the Ethernet ports and turns those servers into cloud systems.  The beauty, simplicity and elegance of Nebula One has already attracted clients like PARC, a research wing of Xerox and Genentech with more top companies showing keen interest. Will Nebula set fire to the cloud?

Nebula One was originally Anso Labs, a start up out of NASA, formed of a team dedicated to Openstack. Nebula one maintains the tradition and is a Platinum member of the Openstack Foundation. Nebula One is so easy and affordable that companies with their own data centres can easily turn them into private clouds in an hour.

Nebula’s aim is to revolutionize cloud computing, make it accessible and affordable for small and large enterprises and “democratize web scale cloud computing”.  Nebula is owned jointly by Highland Capital Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and David Cheriton, Ram Shriram and Andy Bechtolsheim (Google’s first investors).

OpenStack was founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA and has grown to become a global community of software developers working together on various interrelated projects on open source cloud operating system standards and infrastructure solutions.

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