NaviSite Survey Shows the Big Trends at Enterprise Level are Cloud and Data Explosion

Cloud NewsNaviSite conducted a survey of the strategies adopted by enterprise level companies, specifically as regards their data and cloud strategies. More than 500 IT professionals from top companies were involved in the survey. 25% of those surveyed stated that cloud computing is a major trend as is a focus on cutting down budgets according to 31% of respondents. 25% said that a tremendous increase in data is another concern. A 2009 and 2012 Ernst & Young report did suggest cost cutting and agility to be adopted by enterprises.

The core of the survey addresses data in enterprise environments. As regards survey in relation to data, 19% said that 25% of the IT budget in their company was allocated to storage. 46% said that about 11% to 25% of the budget went towards storage. That data is a major concern is underlined by the preference of about 77% of those surveyed fro major database handling systems such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2 and SQL. About 41% said that company data was stored in more than one geographic locations to ensure availability always. The survey at least shows that as data explodes, newer solutions may need to evolve. The conclusion is that security, location and data management are prime concerns for IT executives in enterprises. Trends indicate that independent data centers could be on their way out, as a survey from Computing.co.uk showed.

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