Google Introduce New App Engine to Compete with Amazon Cloud

Google has introduced PHP support and a new storage solution that should give it a boost to help compete against a strong Amazon Cloud and other entrants in this segment. The fact that Netflix and other entertainment websites prefer AWS must rankle with Google since they are eyeing revenues to the tune of over $ 8 billion. In a bid to offer facilities and services that match AWS, Google has upped the ante by enhancing App Engine, a PaaS service and Compute Engine that handles heavy computing for its customers. The update features introduction of PHP support for App Engine that will further facilitate developers introduce state of art apps with this open source development framework. The other upgrade is allowing all developers to use Compute Engine. Simultaneously Google Cloud Storage goes onstream to compete with Amazon’s S3 storage services.

The upgrade, especially to App Engine should bring smiles to developers’ faces since so far it supported only Python, Java and Google’s Go Language. With PHP in the fold, users can post WordPress and other open source applications seamlessly to Google’s cloud platforms.  Developers should be just as happy that Google has thrown the doors open on Compute Engine. There are other improvements by way of one-minute incremental billing and increase of capacity of persistent disks from 1.25 TB to 10 TB. Another bullet in the chamber is Google’s Cloud Datastore, set to compete against Amazon’s S3 storage. In all, these introductions will translate to revenues for Google while bringing in refinements for users.

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