Few Cloud computing apps you should try Part 2

While Office 365 and Google Apps are famously known for widespread ease of use there are a few other best cloud computing apps you can consider and use, either occasionally or on a regular basis.


If you do not like filling up forms online and find it inconvenient, especially on smaller tablets and smartphones, then FormMobi is what you need. FormMobi is a cloud based app. It works as a clipboard and you can compile and distribute data across devices. Besides the mundane data handling solution, FormMobi also lets you take pictures, store signatures and record audio. You can also sketch drawings. Do it on one device and then sync through the cloud to other devices in a few steps.


This is a nifty app you will find extremely useful when you want to manage, track and sync accounts when you are on the move. You can store the mileage you cover, upload receipts and consolidate as well as submit expense reports in a smooth, easy way. What is more Expensfy will plug in to Quickbooks or similar accounting software quite easily.

 Google Calendar

Google Calendar is free time management app and lets you manage your calendars and schedules. Released in 2006, it matured into a full blown app by 2009 and all you need is a google account to use Calendar. While the app is free, sending SMS and other third party services are not. You can make appointments, know your location, upload images, files and other contact details in a smooth, seamless way. You will soon find Calendar indispensable and one of the best cloud computing apps to use.

 Google Groups

If you use Calendar and Gmail, it naturally follows that you will find Google Groups just as useful to carry on group discussions on a common topic. It is free and what is more, you can discuss topics of interest in a group in an anonymous mode. You can carry on conversations through a web-based interface or through email. You can also start your own group with Google Groups.

 Google Sites

This is a simple, elementary web page creation tool to let you have your own webpages online. It has a simple what you see is what you get interface through which you can create and upload your web pages without any prior knowledge of web page design. You can do plenty, either at a personal level or by using Google Sites as a business promotion tool.


DropBox is a simple cloud based file storage service. You can store files for free, share them and sync them to your devices seamlessly. You have a basic account for free allowing limited storage while you can do more with Dropbox Pro account costing $ 9.99 and $ 19.99 per month.  The free cloud storage service comes in handy when you have quite large files to share with others using any device such as laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. The files can be text, data, video or audio and in such cases it is easier to share through DropBox rather than use email.

The cloud is everywhere and if you have these free or paid best cloud computing apps to make life easy and better, enjoy.

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