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What is the best cloud computing plan out there? Well, that’s a vague question because for some its the size for the files that matters most and for others it’s the security of the files in question. Security is definitely one of the deciding factors for many while choosing a cloud computing service provider, especially after a multitude of these companies have failed to keep our data iron clad and spilled over important information to the data scavenging hackers out there in the recent past. Remember Dropbox? That being said, Egnyte does ignite a spark of hope because security is one its USPs and some experts even claim that they offer the best data security in the industry.

But, the question is how much are you willing to pay for data security? Egnyte plans are expensive and even though for the big fishes, the big price tag might be worth the plethora of functionalities offered, for the startups, the price is definitely the biggest draw. Egnyte offers smart phone compatibility, there’s no cap on the size of the data that can be shared with others and they do offer a couple of different pricing plans for different kinds of businesses, but those plans don’t really go well with business that feel gratified when they have a new furniture piece installed in the office – it’s most certainly for the rich guys out there.

As far as the file sharing services are concerned, Egnyte offers a host of different features – you get to send unlimited data to your colleagues and clients, your data can be accessed over smart devices, private documents and personal stuff can easily be shared with clients and colleagues across the planet and while you do all that, your data remains completely protected through a host of enhanced security features that the company provides. The biggest advantage with all Egnyte plans is you get to send large volumes of data without any hassles. There are three different plans that Egnyte offers and each one differs from the other in the total amount of storage space and employee licenses. If you didn’t know, every cloud plan from any provider comes with a fixed number of licenses – only a fixed number of people would be able to login to the server simultaneously. For Egnyte, the licensing thing isn’t much of a big deal – their office plan allows only 10 licenses, which is far lower compared to more competitive plans offered by other major cloud computing players – Liquidweb for example offers the same thing in tiny home plans for half the price!

But, the modus operandi of Egnyte cloud servers makes data sharing piece of cake. All data is first transferred to the cloud servers and then they can be sent over and over again to the different users and the company doesn’t charge you on file size or repeat downloads of the same files by the different users. You also get to choose the length of time for which a file should be available on your server.

The verdict – If you looking for an awesome file sharing service, this one wouldn’t disappoint you.

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