Cloud Technology! An Alternative to File Sharing?

Cloud TechnologyOnce used by regular computer users, cloud-based file sharing has now grown as one of the most important tools of many companies. These days, we are now working with more digital information so the employees will need a platform to send these files and other needed information. Through cloud technology, the IT department is able to protect themselves from network and security issues.

The growing popularity of cloud-hosted file technology is not a surprise as this technology carries tremendous benefits and opportunities for any company. When information is made available online, advantages include efficiency, convenience, and reliability is just a few of the benefits that its employees can reap.

Easy Sharing

Companies actually have an array of choices to send and receive information. For a very long time, the email has remained to be a very popular option. However, many employees are now seeing the challenges that email brings when it comes to collaboration. Yes, it does allow easy and quick information but it is very different with collaboration.

When large files are involved, sending it through email can be a trouble there is mostly a problem with filters and size limits of attachments. Email providers mostly employ such rules in the hopes of providing the best protection measures possible. Sometimes, a person can even fail to attach the file that is supposed to be sent.

Making the Switch

Today, companies, such as those marketing in telecom sectors are encouraged to break away from their reliance on email and start using the more effective file transfer services of cloud technology. By storing and sharing information on the cloud, udders will not have to worry with security and file size limits. Add in the flexibility of today’s cloud storage platforms, users can easily migrate as few or as many files as needed in any particular moment.

Another one of the biggest strengths of cloud technology when compared to other file sharing solutions today is its ability to track movement, particularly on any changes that are made on the stored files. The owners of the file are then just notified electronically about the edits as well as who and when these were made.

Cloud technology’s access control features allow users to determine those who can access or download files and other items that are hosted on the online file storage solutions. There are even platforms that have additional options where these kinds of restrictions can be executed on a file by file basis.

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