Cloud Infographic:The Rise of The Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. As the services provided over the Web have become more sophisticated, the flaws of the traditional single-server model have become evident. Demand for SaaS, IaaS and similar services is increasing every year, and technology departments are moving towards a hybrid cloud model that provides the flexibility, control, power and redundancy that their business needs.

As this informative infographic published by CWCS shows, the concerns and priorities of businesses and consumers are changing. Currently, 55% of cloud users are concerned about security, while 20 percent cite price as their biggest concern.  Over the next few years, security concerns are expected to evaporate, and users will become more price conscious.

It is natural for humans to fear change, but the cloud is not a new idea. We may not be used to calling online services “cloud services” yet, but every day we use data that is in the cloud and submit personal information to cloud servers. A well-implemented cloud system is almost completely invisible to end users and all the users care about is accessing what they need, when they need it. Is your business in the cloud yet, and if not, why not?

Used with permission by the guys down at CWCS


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