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Day by day, scientists, technicians and engineers are innovating new ideas that make life that little bit, albeit more technologically dependent, easier. The past decade has seen the Information technology department across the world prosper with new and exciting software and applications that allow for everyday people and businesses to do their job with a little more ease. The days of travelling half way around the world for a one hour meeting are gone within businesses, instead, they simply turn on a computer and have a virtual physical meeting through the wonders of a webcam.

However, these procedures and advancements are becoming readily available for the average technological user and it appears that the area with highest growing demand is in the home. There are a number of features and programmes that can be installed within your home that allow you to enjoy the contents of your digital life around your entire home with ease. Go back 10 years and this required a re-wiring of your home and you writing out a hefty ‘cheque’ at the end of it. However, with today’s technological supremacy, it is now possible to enjoy all the same benefits as before and more but with a much smaller bill at the end of it.

Companies and organisations across the world have designed software that is known as ‘cloud’. This suggests that your entire portfolio of files is accessible from wherever you are and can be shared much easier than before. This is exactly what it means, as you are not saving files to a physical storage area on your computer. Instead it is on the internet and when configured, you can share your files safely and effectively across a range of devices in your home.

With wires becoming a thing of the pas, this enables home owners to share their files such as photos, videos and documents across a range of other devices in their home. For example, you can play your music from your computer through your television and watch movies from your tablet pc on your desktop pc or TV wirelessly. Cloud software is becoming increasingly popular and used in a number of different ways. Besides the practical use of accessibility, it also means that you can access your files throughout a range of devices in your home making it easier to view and use your music, photos and videos.

This is done through creating an online database which represents the cloud and saving your files to that rather than your physical computer. This enables other devices such as your games console to access your cloud account, with your permission obviously and also use these files allowing you to listen to your music from your computer upstairs, downstairs on your TV through your games console.

Although this may seem like a geek’s idea of heaven, it is easy to see the benefits of this and allows you to get the most out of your own content. A number of service providers offer you this service for both a free and monthly subscription meaning that it is useable by everyone with an internet connection. Some companies have begun to integrate this into their products which make it even easier for you to share your files around your home and it is this that is only going to improve and become more popular across products in the future.

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