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types of clouds computingIn today’s world the concept of cloud computing has become very important and there are different types of clouds, basically the term cloud computing is giving storage capacity as a service to a business company or a whole network and help you to increase the productivity.

There are different types of cloud computing which you can use according to your requirement. In public type of cloud you can store data in publically available data storage, here data can be stored in traditional mainstream sense and resources are dynamically provisioned.

Hybrid type of cloud consists of different internal or external providers.

Private cloud computing increase security, corporate concerns and reliability concerns it gives more security to the user.

Some companies use other type of clouds such as software as service which is on demand.  Instead of buying all type of different software the usercan rent it. The variety of software available by Konoozi is very wide.

Google decides on the  type of cloud they choose for their company, this in fact gives them better storage capacity and security or the cloud used my Microsoft is not much different.

Both these companies decide to choose different type of cloud. Google optstowardstandalone and Microsoft tends to choose slimmer version that include service user.

Microsoft joins the cloud:

The main idea of cloud comes from the service provider realizing thatbusiness specially comes from small to medium scale business and this helps them to grow. Every person working in the organization needs to get access to the IT system of the company because they require all sorts of updated information. The company needs to have a system for them and software license for every person who uses it, suppose a company has 5 employees who usethis software it seems to be costly to purchase license for every user so they use spread sheets, word processor and database so they can equally benefit from the services.

Was it down to the investment in software?

The company may choose their own type of cloud computing services that may cost them very less and ensure them to enhance their business. Mostly companies want to extend their business they find different ways to better facilitate their customers and cloud computing make it easy for them.

Basically cloud computing facilitate the company in different ways it helps to take backup of data in different ways and are easily accessible for the company employees. Data integrity and security can be achieved. As we know the fact that this is the age of modern technology and every one wants to be more successful and compete with the others for this purpose. They focus on different new ways to facilitate their customers and by doing so they focus on the quality of the service that they provide. Customer satisfaction is very important to them and takes top priority.

One important aspect is to keep all the information secure, clouds help them to keep data backup on different places and make it possible to acknowledge the reality that this IT Support Buffalo service helps them.

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