6 tips For a successful Cloud Computing Migration

Cloud ComputingThere is no doubt that the cloud computing has become an increasingly popular delivery mechanism and IT tasks that are often complicated and time consuming have become easier. To help companies that are ready to migrate to the cloud-based services and also those that are beginning to consider this possibility, here are some tips for a safe transition of Cloud Computing Migration . Following the suggestions Of Cloud Migration Tips, corporations can ensure simplicity, economy and efficiency that the cloud has to offer.

Bigger is not always better: Rates of cloud service providers and large companies claiming to have a know-it-all on cloud computing Migration are very steep, in spite of this being an increasingly competitive segment. The reputation of the provider and the length of experience in the cloud matters more than size. Find an expert who’s reputable and thoroughly versed in the segment.

Understand your security needs: There is much speculation about the security features in cloud computing, but there is little

difference between the confidence that companies have on their Internet service provider and other technology providers. With that in mind, we can say that the demand and expectations of security of each organization are different. Therefore, it is important to understand how the vendor can meet those needs. Check references on the service provider and analyze cases similar to yours.

Learn the basics of data backup: Get to know how the service provider cloud backs up data and, in worst case scenario, what if he shuts down his business or if your company wanted to cloud migrate your data to another provider. Seek to know more about the reputation of the storage resources of the provider, the number and location of data centers, infrastructure and redundancy.

Make sure you have good SLAs (Service Level Agreements or Service Level Agreements) : Certifications usually depict optimum performance at a moment in time and do not necessarily indicate good overall performance. The best way to ensure good service is through Service Level Agreements - SLAs - in plain language. Look for vendors who disclose their performance and use financial figures in their service level agreements.

Evaluate standards of customer service: The best customer service departments for cloud Migration services have experts available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Make sure that the customer service provided by the chosen supplier is able to meet the needs of your organization.

Test the service: The main advantages of SaaS (Software as a Service) are offering a free trial option that is easy to implement. Most suppliers offer that, except for those who don’t want their services to be evaluated beforehand. Start with a free version that once evaluated and approved, can be expanded to include sensitive data and other mission-critical systems.

With the above Cloud Migration tips, we hope that companies can start to migrate to the cloud with more security and less doubt, since the subject is still complex and brings a whole host of issues within organizations. The great challenge for companies is now thinking of taking the first step towards the Migration to cloud Computing. And that is the first of many!

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