OnLive Brings Cloud Gaming to OUYA

In recent years, production of new, innovative games for consoles has all but disappeared, with the top creative minds in the industry throwing themselves into content for smartphones and computers. That may all about to change though, as a new major player, OUYA, has entered the fray and is intent on putting console gaming back on the map. Even bigger news is the recently announced partnership between OUYA and OnLive, a major player in the cloud gaming industry.

Why does this partnership bring so much optimism and excitement to the gaming community as a whole? We’ll answer those questions and give you a look at what OUYA and OnLive bring to the table individually and collectively.

OUYA is an open source gaming console set for release next March. It is slated to run on the Android mobile operating system and features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet capabilities. The console is estimated to be the size of a Rubik’s Cube and in a breath of fresh air to gamers; the system is capable of being modified, or rooted. A simple screwdriver can be utilized to open up the console and rework the inside, making possibilities for add-ons and innovations endless. The price point for the system is targeted at $99.

Gamers are excited about the release of the OUYA console for multiple reasons. Not only will you get your fix of games like “Minecraft” or “Super Meat Boy”, you’ll also be able to play titles such as “NBA 2K13” or “South Park: The Stick of Truth.” Top game studios are throwing their support behind the console and promising to include their games on the system for play. Players who have the technological savvy can create their own games or modifications and put them to use as well.

By running on the Android system, the ability to utilize any Android app that is available becomes a functionality that can be put to use with the OUYA as well. In what is a tremendous bonus for both game players and developers, every game on the OUYA system will come with a “free” period of at least 30 minutes. This gives players a chance to check out a game before deciding whether to shell out their hard earned cash to purchase a game without playing it first. OUYA even has a commitment for a console exclusive game, as last month Robotoki announced an episode prequel for the game “Human Element”, set for release in 2015.

Meanwhile, OnLive is a cloud gaming platform, which allows players to play games online rather than having a physical disc or cartridge in their system. OnLive boasts a library of nearly 300 games, all of which are available through their subscription services. The library includes games from big name companies like Sega, Konami, Atari, Capcom and THQ have all locked in deals with OnLive to grant access to their titles. Players can choose to subscribe through the PlayPack, which allows access to all the games in the OnLive library for a flat monthly fee, or on a game-by-game basis through the PlayPass service.

The addition of the OnLive library is a major boost for OUYA, as it gives them a built-in base of games that potential players can tap into. Players still will need to create an active OnLive account to be able to get to the games, but starting out with some of the biggest games on the market right off the bat is a major bonus. With the partnership, there always will be a fresh array of games available for OUYA players. By the same token, it removes one of the biggest hurdles that OUYA faced: if game developers weren’t on board from the start, what would players have to look forward to? The question is now answered and subsequently moot.

One other major bonus of the partnership between OUYA and OnLive is that gamers have the ability to carry their games with them to other platforms. There is no one platform functionality here: a game that a player was involved in on OUYA can be continued on their PC or Mac, their phone or tablet. That means if you have to leave in the middle of a game at home, you can pick it up in the car or while waiting for an appointment on your iPad.

OUYA has caught the interest of thousands of people and raised over $8 million in funding in the past month. The partnership with OnLive, as well as other alliances with XBMC, iHeartRadio and VEVO shows that OUYA is serious about becoming a name in the industry and bringing gaming back to where it originally started: the television.

Are you excited for the release of the OUYA?

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