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Bring Joy To Work With BYOD

Byod InfographicImproving employee productivity and gaining a higher satisfaction rate does not always mean that employers have to take drastic steps. Bring your own device, or BYOD, options can actually help reduce company costs while engaging employees in the office. By recognizing the advantages to employee satisfaction rates, it is easier to understand how the system can help improve the work environment in the future.

Statistical Reasons to Use BYOD

According to ZD Net, 64 percent of employees in multi-national companies have reported improvements in work productivity when they are using their own personal electronic devices rather than company issued devices.

Among those who choose to bring their own devices to work through a company program, 63 percent reported that they actively search for web-based applications that can help speed up productivity in the office, states ZD Net. By taking measures to actively improve their efficiency and productivity, employees are having a positive benefit on the company’s ability to grow.

PC World reports that only about 50 percent of companies will pay for part of the cost, which helps businesses save money. Despite the fact that 50 percent of companies will not cover any of the costs associated with smartphones, laptops or other personal belongings that are used at the office, PC World states that employees have a higher satisfaction rate when they bring their own electronic devices to work.

ZD Net states that 61 percent of employees who bring their own devices to work report higher levels of happiness on the job. They are satisfied with their work environment because they have more freedom to use the electronics that they prefer. Even if they are shouldering the full cost of voice, text message and other services on the device, they are happier with their own electronics over the required options selected by a company’s IT department.

Productivity Benefits

A key reason that BYOD options help your business grow and thrive is that improvement in productivity. You are using a device that is familiar, so it is easier to avoid complications associated with learning how to use the device.

Familiar phones, tablets and computers are faster and thus more productive. You do not waste time trying to learn a new system or trying to understand the basics of how the device works.

Beyond the obvious benefit of familiarity, productivity also improves because you are more willing to use the device. With 63 percent of employees actively looking for ways to improve productivity, it is not surprising that efficiency in the office will ultimately improve when a BYOD program is employed.

Better Features and Updates

A BYOD program is not limited to just employee satisfaction and general productivity. Employees are more likely to purchase newer technology and keep their devices updated with the latest software. As a result, the company is getting the benefit of better features, newer updates and better technology without paying for the privilege.

Balancing Policies and Happiness

Although businesses and employees are benefiting from BYOD programs, ZD Net states that 38 percent of employees who use their own device felt that employer policies were too restrictive. The key to ensuring that employees have a high satisfaction rate is creating a policy that ensures responsible actions from your employees without taking away their ability to work effectively.

Enjoying a happy work environment begins with the foundation: your employees. When your employees are happy, the work environment becomes positive and the company can thrive. A BYOD program can help improve employee satisfaction rates and bring joy and happiness into the work place. Giving your employees the freedom to choose the devices they want to use and can go a long way when you want a satisfactory work environment.

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