Oracle Planning To Launch Completely New Cloud Computing Platform

The software giant Oracle has invested more than US$3.5 billion to gain a stronger foothold in the cloud computing market. The company had initially decided to launch hundreds of software products that were supposed to be used as individual applications on individual office computers, but now the hyperbolic CEO of Oracle and Larry Ellison has announced that the company is going to release those software applications over the Internet so they could become accessible to different companies as part of cloud computing packages. Ironically, Ellison was one of those first persons used to mock the entire idea of cloud computing, but now he seems to have realized that the market of cloud computing is going to grow like anything and the company would be able to make a fortune out of it.

According to the CEO of Oracle, the software applications that the company is planning to launch is the result of thousands of work hours put up by thousands of engineers that the company employs and also US$3.5 billion worth of “pristine” cloud computing companies. Yes, the company has acquired some of the innovators of cloud computing such as RiteNow technologies and Taleo and that has made it poorer by US$3.5 billion. According to Larry, it was a very difficult decision to take on the part of the company, but they want to be future leaders of cloud computing and this was just another business decision that would propel the company to greater heights. Larry has also mentioned that their cloud computing services are the most comprehensive on planet Earth.

However, this announcement does not mean that the company is shifting its focus from trying to spin off profits from selling individual software to government and nongovernment organizations - it just means that the company is going on an expansion spree and they are not really looking for profits at the moment; what matters most is enough research and development of next-generation cloud computing technologies.

Critics may look at this as a silver lining on the cloud, but the truth is that the company is still in business and going great guns with about $37 billion in revenue annually. The market value of Oracle at the moment is US$137 billion. At the moment the company is planning on staying ahead of their longtime rival SAP by plunging head down into cloud computing and Larry also believes that this decision is going to prevent the company from becoming obsolescent. Larry also hopes that this decision is going to give his long-term rivals PeopleSoft and Salesforce a run for their money and the company would be able to provide a wider range of services that they currently offer. Larry is hell bent on giving his new dream shape and that is evident from his Tweet he did on Wednesday that clearly talks about his plans.

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