5 best Cloud Storage Providers In US

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Gone are those days of manually sifting through files on your PC through different e-mail attachments and flash drives. The concept of online storage services has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years and there is good reason behind it – you don’t need to pay for expensive software or hardware – you just need to get hooked on to an online cloud storage and you would be able to access all your information in real-time from any device without having to sift through tons of irrelevant information. In this article we are going to take a look at the five best online cloud storage in the United States.

  • JustCloud – JustCloud got into the business of online storage services quite sometime back and it is now considered the best online storage provider by many users across the country. The interface of JustCloudis very easy to use and it seamlessly
    integrates cloud storage systems with traditional backup systems. It is available to the users in the form of a desk top application and you would be able to store all your data using the desktop application. The reason why JustCloud is the favorite online storage system in the United States is because it offers unlimited storage space for a fixed monthly price and you can store all your files without having to worry about extra space and the costs associated with it. The price is US$9.95 per month and it is definitely comparable to the other popular online storage systems.
  • SugarSync – SugarSync is another favorite cloud data storage system in the United States. But, it is not as cheap as JustCloud, but it is definitely not too pricey for the services that it offers. SugarSync has also been in the online storage business for quite sometime now and the biggest advantage of SugarSync is the automatic sync facility that it offers to its customers. It simply means that every time you change or update data, the changes would be reflected real-time on the virtual servers and you can access them from anywhere even if you change your hardware.
  • EgnyteHybridCloud – EgnyteHybridCloud features third in this list because it is definitely comparable to the other two mentioned earlier, but it is definitely not as unique as the other two. EgnyteHybridCloud allows you to access all your files at any given point in time from any device of your choice and the best thing about EgnyteHybridCloud is the easy file sharing service that it allows between different devices. All you need to have is an FTP account with the service provider website and you would be able to access all your files easily.
  • Yousendit – Yousendit is another favorite online storage system in the United States. This is favorite with the people in the United States because this also offers unlimited cloud storage solutions and the biggest in front of the Yousendit is that it offers simplicity in the form of cloud computing. You just need to buy your favorite package and then just go about doing your regular work and your files and folders would get organized automatically.
  • Dropbox – There isn’t really much difference between Dropbox and the other free cloud storage here except that Dropbox has been able to create a strong presence in the United States market by aggressive marketing strategies. There are limited and unlimited storage plans and you can buy your plan based on your requirements.
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