ComputeEngine And Its Impact On The Cloud Computing Market

Google has already announced that it is going to launch infrastructure as a service in the cloud computing realm in just a couple of days. There is already a lot of speculation about what Compute-Engine is going to be like and whether or not it’s worth to give it a try. Some experts believe that Compute-Engine, as this has been strategically named is going to be the next best thing in the world of cloud computing, while there are others who feel that the market is not yet ripe PAAS or IAAS and this product from Google is going to fall flat in the absence of high market demand. Well, we are not yet sure about what is exactly going to happen, but here a list of five things that we believe Compute-Engine means to the cloud computing industry:

  • The market is not yet prepared: it’s been just a while that Microsoft launched its cloud computing services in the form of Windows Azure and so far the company has not been able to create ripples in the cloud computing market. The story isn’t any different for Google app engine. Both of these companies are still scrambling for the first position ahead of Amazon’s Web services and reportedly the top bosses of companies have confessed that they have actually gone too far with their PAAS products. It is true that both companies have invested heavily in marketing their products, but as far as the market scenario is concerned, it is not yet prepared for Platform As A Service products.
  • OpenStack is sharing all the spotlight: it is true that many believe that OpenStack is yet very much immature, but it is also true that most of the top cloud computing service providers are scared of it and this is all the more true because they are moving towards hybrid computing environments. Rackspace is definitely looking better than ever before and it wants to get a toehold in this market, it will really have to work hard to lure customers into buying its services.
  • Google claims that its services are the cheapest, but is that really true? Well, as of now it is, but given the fact that Amazon has a penchant for cutting prices, no one can guarantee that Google is going to remain at the top of the food chain in the days to come.
  • Facebook is entering the competition: Facebook has already been experimenting with low-power ARM processors and very soon it is going to come out with its own IAAS platform that would definitely have the capability of giving Google a run for its money. Of course they have the infrastructure and means to offer such services at much cheaper rates because of the low-power ARM processors and that simply translates to stiffer competition for Google.
  • At the end of the day it might end up winning: if you take a close look at all the cloud computing service providers he would seek that each one of them has entered the market with its own set of agendas and not a single company seems to be focused on providing all kinds of cloud computing solutions and that is where Google wins the race. It might be good, it might be bad or it might be average, but he simply can’t escape it - the plethora of cloud computing services offered by Google is simply unmatched and maybe that force is going to push Compute-Engine to success.

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