Top 10 Reasons For Using Cloud Backup

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In this digital era, where individuals, as well as companies, are going towards the eco-friendly paperless way, secure data backup has become essential. Traditional storage devices such as tapes, discs and drives come with drawbacks like lack of mobility, accessibility, scalability among many others. In this scenario, cloud backup or online backup has been deemed as a perfect alternative for storing data securely without the perils of the traditional modes of storage.

Cloud backup involves storing data online over an offshore server (which could be multiple servers spread across the globe) maintained by a cloud service provider. Data can be stored and retrieved as and when required from these servers through the internet. The cloud users (individuals or enterprises) have to pay the cloud service providers for the space used by them on these servers. Once the data is backed up, any number of users can simultaneously access the resources stored online.

Benefits Of Cloud Back Up:

Economical: Users have to pay only for the space utilized by them. Most service providers have tariffs plans to suit different types of users. Choosing and adopting the right plan would make online backup very beneficial for the users.

Scalability: Cloud backup allows to increase or decrease online backup space based on need.

Cost reduced: Usually backing up involves acquiring physical storage devices and manually storing them. With cloud backup, users need not bother about investing in backup storage devices as the infrastructure for storing will be maintained and managed by the cloud service provider

Automatic: Cloud back up allows users to set up a routine for back up and online data backup would take place automatically. Users need not physically supervise the backup operations

Data safe and secure: The best place to store sensitive information is the cloud. Data is finely encrypted and stored on the cloud and does not allow authorized access to information

Device-independent: These days’ data can be accessed from various devices such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Data on the cloud can be accessed from any of these devices with the support of the internet

Syncing: Online backup offers a syncing feature that automatically updates the files on all the devices. For example if a user were to update a file from desktop, all changes would be reflected in the same file stored on other devices as well.

Sharing: Sharing information is very easy with cloud backup. Data can be easily shared with a wide group of audiences. Shared data can be as little as one file or huge volumes of data.

Accessibility: Cloud backup allows multiple accesses to a single file.

Recovery from disaster: In the event of a disaster, online back up makes recovery faster and easier. Users would have to download all the backed up and they would be back to state of normally within no time.

Thus online backup using cloud technology is a digital boon to data storage with its specialized features like cost-effective, data sharing and securing.

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