My Favorite Cloud Computing Apps For Ipad

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The iPad with its superb 10-inch retina display touch screen is in a class apart with its dual-core A6X processor with the graphics chip, 5MP camera and 1080p HD video. It is superceded by the iPad Air with a superior A7, 64-bit architecture processor and M7 motion sensor.

Regardless of the model, the large screen iPad is useful not only for gaming but also for serious professional use. It is gaining ground in areas where its use has proved most beneficial: in healthcare, in the hospitality industry and in newspapers, the 2048 pixel screen providing high resolution of even fine print and serving as a reader, giving a new impetus to the newspaper industry. While there are over 350000 apps for the iPad, a few, especially cloud computing apps are especially useful. A few of these are:

For Storage:

Rackspace Cloud Pro allows users to manage Rackspace cloud server accounts from the iPad. The app is no toy as users can create new cloud servers, rename and resize them, control CDN attributes and carry out hard reboots.

Dropbox too has an app for the iPad to help them manage their accounts, which is nothing unusual. What is surprising is that Microsoft too offers an app for iPad users to help them manage SkyDrive and use the free 7 GB online storage that comes with it. Ipad users have a choice in online cloud storage since Box also offers 5 GB as does SugarSync, letting iPad users stream their files from the cloud to any iPad/ios Device.

Wyse Pocket Cloud

From Wyse technologies, this nifty app for the iPad allows users to access remote desktops, terminal servers, PCs and virtual machines running MS Windows, ideal for IT personnel. There is support for VMWare View 4, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate and Windows XP as well as Vista. If you use Google a lot you will like the PocketCloud app from Wyse that automatically logs you into your Google account and customize settings as well as enjoy the benefit of cursor control. Tap and drag or use the cursor with enhanced right-click options, keyboard and scrolling features.

For Meeting And Communicating

WebEx from Cisco gets you into web meetings in real-time besides permitting online sharing of documents and applications as well as screen space. Citrix offers a similar app, GoToMeeting that allows users to attend meetings online where they can view presentations, reports and any documents in addition to audio. If you wish to collaborate you can do it with Huddle, a smart app that lets you get together in virtual meetings and share data.

Clever HD, Notability

Clever HD is an app for the iPad working in conjunction with Evernote cloud storage, bringing a simpler interface and facility for creating text notes, recording audio notes and creating shortcuts to Evernote notes that can be included in a new note. Note lovers will also like Notability, a note-taking app that allows the inclusion of photos and audio recordings into one note that you can share over the cloud.

Photoshop Express

What good is an iPad if you cannot work with images? Adobe Photoshop Express is a nifty photo editor that lets you work on stored images as well as images stored in iCloud Photo Stream with tools that you can bring up by sliding fingers on the screen and apply effects with a simple tap.

For Office

Office2 HD The iPad may not have MS Office but alternatives like Office2 HD makes up for the lack of a full office suite operational across the cloud. It includes spreadsheets, documents, PDF editor and presentations. Equally useful is the QuickOffice Pro HD word processor and Pro HD Spreadsheet editor allowing you to use and share documents across the cloud. CloudOn is yet another suite like MS Office that also works with Adobe Reader and online cloud storage other than iCloud.

With these apps on your iPad, you will enjoy using it and will be able to do a lot more than with standard preloaded apps.

Let Us Know what is Your Favorite Cloud App For Ipad.

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