[Infographic] Confused About the Cloud?

Confused about the cloud? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Despite being one of the top computing buzzwords of the last six years, it seems a lot of people still aren’t clear exactly what it is. What makes this even more surprising is that cloud computing is now part of most people’s everyday lives. Things like iTunes, Google Docs and Dropbox are all cloud services, but the majority of those using them don’t appear to have a firm understanding of the products which allow them to buy music, work and share files..

Remarkably, it appears 18-24 year olds, the people most likely to make use of cloud products, have the least understanding about what the cloud actually is. Could there be a knowledge gap out there and if so does it need to be filled in order to ensure the digital economy doesn’t face a skills shortage in the future?

Do businesses and schools need to do more to help understand how the computer services they take for granted actually work? Or is the idea of the cloud a concept which will never fully catch on with the general public?

This VPS Cloud infographic was brought to you by the team at Webfusion.

cloud Computing Infographic

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