Cloud Computing Could Make You A More Organized Person

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Cyril Connoly once made a written statement that inside every fat man is a thin man trying to get out. Well, that’s exactly true for disorganized people as well – you are not necessarily a disorganized person even if your desk looks like you are trying to re-create war-ravaged Vietnam on your desk – maybe you’re a very organized person, but are just too busy to put things in place.

Well, if you are too busy hunting bigger game, cloud computing might be just the right thing for you. Yes, it is true that cloud computing is supposed to be meant for people who have a lot of stuff to do but they don’t have the necessary hardware and software licenses that stuff accomplished, but it is also true that computing can make you more organized. Here’s how:

  • How much do you typically pay towards maintenance of your computer hardware every day? Hardly anything. And, that to some extent is responsible for overloading your hard disk and RAM and suddenly one fine morning your favorite PC stops responding to your commands. With cloud computing, you need to pay for every little bit of space that you use and that often is more than enough to bring out the organized person in you. There are a host of different applications that help you keep your e-mails, photographs, videos and documents organized but since those come with hefty price tags, we don’t always upgrade to the Pro version and the licenses expire even before we start understanding them better – this does not happen with cloud computing because such organizing software is only as pricey as your daily usage and once you have realized the importance of having such stuff, you can’t stop using them.
  • The problem arises when you don’t have a clean space to work and try to create small compartments only to stop worrying about them later and create a bunch of new compartments the next day. Well, hereby compartments beneath a bunch of folders and local briefcases that are more than often filled up with stuff you wouldn’t be needing the next week. Cloud computing doesn’t allow you to do that because if you stuff your desktop with a bunch of unnecessary folders, your computing speed is going to get compromised and who wants to pay for lousy computing speed? So, cloud computing basically makes you end up deleting unnecessary files and folders and that gives you a cleaner workspace.
  • Another huge problem for personal computer users is temporary files. These are bits and pieces of information off what is left behind after you have deleted the downloaded information. Each individual file does not take up a lot of space but a bunch of them together are enough slowdown your processor. There is also the problem of saving downloaded files so you don’t have to download them later. Most top of the line cloud computing service providers allow you unlimited download of the same file and that could save you the trouble of saving files onto your cloud server, thereby making it clutter free.
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