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IBM Leans Towards Open Technologies to Encourage Cloud Adoption

IBM Cloud Adoption

In a recent press release IBM announced that it is making more efforts to promote cloud adoption and to this end it plans to integrate open technologies. Enterprises can now take to the cloud knowing that it is easy to integrate existing infrastructure and derive greater benefits.

In terms of the press release IBM has tied up with Docker and will leverage Docker open source community resources for its integration model. Docker integration includes

  • Hosting of DockerHub on Softlayer
  • Access to all content from Docker data repository
  • Certified Docker Image of cloud optimized WebSphere Liberty Profile Application Server for better flexibility and improved performance.

Integration of SoftLayer, IBM Java, WebSphere and Docker will allow faster start up times, reduced memory usage, speedy in-out and ease of use. Docker is not the only open source technology IBM is leveraging; it also working concurrently with OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and others to push cloud to a larger target audience. The net result of IBM’s engagement with cloud industry leaders is increased security, better availability, smooth integration and ease of transition to cloud for enterprises. IBM’s involvement with OpenStack was also responsibility for improvements in Icehouse as regards authentication, security, quality and storage. IBM has adapted OpenStack integration and virtualization in its server portfolio with full support for Icehouse and access to OpenStack APIs that allow portability. The tie up helps clients have a better user experience in connecting services as well as monitoring and backup with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator. IBM’s commitment will drive better interoperability, speed up adoption and help in rapid deployment of cloud based applications. IBM acquired SoftLayer, which is based on OpenStack Object Storage, a pointer to the robust and scalable storage solution. To its credit IBM has also tied up with Pivotal to make Pivotal Web Services available to developers.

IBM has shown conclusively that it is serious about driving cloud growth and the result is there for all to see. IBM Bluemix is gaining in popularity among businesses of all sizes. With the recent integration of more Open Source, Bluemix will allow even greater flexibility to developers to access open source and IBM software and deploy applications seamlessly in the cloud.

IBM is an industry leader in server solutions and is fast gaining a lead in the cloud markets, having invested over $ 7 billion in acquisitions and collaborations.

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