Cloud Computing Offers Text Message Monitoring For Midsize Businesses

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There is no doubt that mobile phones and smartphones play a major role in business operations. This can be attested to by how text messaging amongst business employees has become the main mode of communication.

Just like other mode of communication such as emails need to be protected, text messaging also needs to be protected to prevent information and data loss either through unauthorized infiltration or sabotage by business employees. Midsize companies in particular need to protect their data, especially where their employees communicate out of business network.

To protect their data and in particular text messages that business employees exchange, midsize businesses now have access to Uppity, a cloud computing technology company that has made available a software application that is very effective in storing and backing up data on the cloud. Such messages can easily be accessed by business IT managers at any time from anywhere. Business employees can also access stored messages just in case they lose their phones.

The use of the software is however not limited to midsize businesses and their employees. Other consumers in need of protecting their privacy from snoopers can also make use of the software. They however need to have their phones properly configured to provide for monitoring. Although it is necessary for a phone to be configured with owner’s consent, the software can also be installed secretly. The phone’s owner is however gets prompted to set up the software by defining a password and username.

The software works differently on different type of phones. For Android and Blackberry phones, the applications works while concealed in the background from where it automatically uploads text messages to the cloud. iPhone users are obligated to manually synchronize data with hosting server.

Midsize business owners using Uppity service do need to worry about the security of their stored data. This is because the software encrypts data before storing and reading the same requires one to have a private key before he/she can access any stored data.

The importance of Uppity service cannot be understated considering the fact that is has become common for business owners and employees to take work home. This practice puts such work at risk of being accessed by unauthorized persons who can literally steal contained data. Because text messages may also contain document and /or image attachments, it is very necessary that businesses make use of this software just in case business data is transmitted outside business network.

For businesses that opt not to store text messages, educating their employees on the need for encryption and security when using their phones is becomes very necessary. Because there is no monitoring in such cases, business employees must exercise due care with the kind of text messages they send out to prevent business data loss.

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