Cloud Computing Apps Going Mobile, Don’t Get Left Behind

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Everything turns mobile, nowadays. From the very basic email tasks, desktop games and now even cloud computing is made possible. Since the majority of businessmen, marketers and entrepreneurs do business mostly on their smartphone handheld and tablets hence the portability of cloud computing tools is has become a necessity as well.

Today, the top cloud computing companies in the world have also moved to mobile cloud computing apps because of their client’s rising needs. Based on a study, most people will work on internet-based applications by 2020, instead of using traditional software on the PC.

The market is highly populated with Android devices since many smartphone owners prefer gadgets with Android OS because of its user-friendly design and ease of navigation. You won’t even need a manual to get you started. This will surely show in the upcoming sales record for the new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Note: The applications presented below may be available on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Google Apps For Businesses:

Used by more than five million businesses worldwide, Google Apps offers businesses and marketers a list of easy-to-use tools on their mobile devices, so productivity continues wherever they go.

Package Inclusions:

  • 25GB storage Gmail
  • a shareable calendar for meetings and reminders
  • an accessible drive where you can store and share files in the cloud
  • click-to-edit sheets and docs online ; and
  • a slide presentation template.

Google Apps has a 30-day free trial period which costs $5 for each succeeding month of use and to enjoy additional security features just pay $10 monthly.


Another way to share your files in the cloud is through Dropbox. Launched in September 2008, this application currently has over 50 million users. It is one of the most popular and widely used cloud computing apps in the world.

Dropbox offers users:

  • 2GB storage for free which can be expanded to 16GB, if you refer more friends to sign up. The 16GB storage with Dropbox is also equivalent to 7,280 photos, while the 2GB is similar to 910 images of 6 megapixels each.

The study also revealed that this app is frequently used to store and share video and images. Dropbox is also available on other mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and Kindle Fire.


Basecamp is a leading project management app that keeps all your files, calendar, clients and team safe in one simple-to-use app online. This app allows its users manage projects effectively and efficiently whether it’s just one or a hundred. It is guaranteed you’d be able to keep an eye on you whatever goes on in your business.You can also store existing projects to easily access each project/ client file whenever the need to review it arises.

One of the best features of Basecamp is its team organizer, where users can create group folders based on their project position. This has a 60-day free trial period. To experience more of its advanced features, you can also purchase packages which you think is right for you with costs starting at $20 per month.

Ensure Your Productivity

The cloud computing apps we discussed above are just some of the tools you can use on your gadgets. Make sure your maximized productivity and take time to do some research online. Read app reviews, check online forums and don’t be afraid to ask around about their experiences with these types of apps. Then and only then can you find the right cloud computing app for you. Good luck!

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