Apple iCloud Review

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Apple has been there in the cloud computing market for quite some time now and has so far been consistent enough in being able to brush shoulders with its larger and also smaller competitors as far as offerings are concerned. However, now that the initial ripples have settled down, users are more interested in finding out the real deals beyond bells and whistles and this is exactly where Apple seems to be falling out when compared to its competitors.

Recently, Apple sent out an e-mail alert to its iCloud subscribers that it has decided to revoke the complimentary free storage for iCloud users from 20 GB to 5 GB. This is not really much of a surprise, because just like most other Apple products, for iCloud also price is not one of its biggest strengths. The company feels that most iCloud users have so far not be able to use of the complimentary space offered to them and hence the company has decided to downgrade that to 5 GB of its effects should be sufficient for storage of data and documents. Earlier in June when it debuted users were offered 20 GB storage and that did not include photos Stream, purchased applications, music and books, but now that the company has already been able to get a bunch of users in its kitty, businesses all that seems to matter to them – the free storage space has been slashed from 20 GB to 5 GB and that has already raised some eyebrows from users. The company has also been vigilant in F. and mentioning in its e-mail users that they should take immediate action because as soon as the downgrade takes effect, the backups to iCloud would not be available and they would not be able to save documents to iCloud, which would essentially mean loss of data. However, if an user forgets to upgrade, Apple would not be deleting data, but any kind of new storage to the iCloud account would be frozen until some space is freed by removing some documents or upgrading to a higher plan. That’s just another instance of Apple trying to squeeze users into buying their overpriced services.

So, how exactly does iCloud matchup with its bigger and also smaller competitors? To begin with, you need to remember that the very reason you opted for cloud computing is you need sufficient space for your data and you should be able to access that from any device – now, just like any other Apple product, iCloud is also accessible only from those devices that come out of the Apple stable – it’s not going to work with devices that bite on other fruits! Don’t you think that qualifies for a handicap?

As far as pricing goes, iCloud is the most premium priced product when compared to Google Microsoft and Amazon. Now, all of these are major players in the cloud computing market and have enough in their arsenals to matchup with the services provided by Apple, so why should there be any price difference? At the end of the day, it seems that Apple as always is not much bothered about the price factor.

You might still manage to live with the above problems, but what about the unavailability of photographs that are automatically synced from Apple devices into iCloud? Yes, there have been several complaints and the company does not seem to have any clue about it.

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