A Cloud Over Technology – 5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Here To Stay

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Cloud computing is one of the greatest technological innovations of recent years. Rather than storing your important files and software online, all you need to do is to upload everything online, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Here are five simple reasons why cloud computing is the real deal, and is certainly here to stay…

Everything in one place: In simple terms, rather than being tied to your desktop 24/7, you can upload all your important files and programs to the cloud and can access them wherever you can find an internet connection.

This is especially helpful for those in business or who write a lot on their computer. Students too can benefit greatly from programs like Evernote that allow you to have everything in one place – many colleges and universities also have their own cloud-based systems in place.

Always updated: There is no need for you to manually update any software whatsoever when you are part of the cloud. The servers do this for you and you reap all the benefits. This will save minutes or perhaps hours of waiting around, running programs and wasting your costly time.

Having all this extra free time will mean that you can spend more quality time with your family, working or studying. You would be surprised at how many minutes and hours we spend per year just waiting for programs to install and update!

Your computer will run better: Without a lot of extra junk and programs on your computer, your machine will run quickly and will be most importantly very clean. When your computer is clogged with programs it will be frustratingly slow. This lack of performance will have a knock-on effect on how you use your computer and can easily become exceedingly annoying to say the very least.

You will be able to try out any of the software on the cloud without having to download, install or uninstall anything. If you’re uncertain, visit a data centre and see the facilities for yourself – in addition, staff can help with any queries or questions which you may have. Sometimes it is better to talk to the experts for some impartial and knowledgeable advice if you are in doubt.

Improved software: As programmers and developers will have access in real-time to any technical problems which users are experiencing, they can fix these more rapidly therefore the user experience will improve.

You may even be able to enrol in beta testing for certain types of cloud-based software so that you can be an active part in creating the cloud-based software of the future.

Slashing costs: As there are no costly overheads or physical software to spend money on then you can afford to spend your money on other more important projects.

With cloud computing you can feel the freedom of being able to travel where you like, whenever you like and will still be able to work, access emails, communicate with colleagues – in fact, everything which you usually take for granted every day.

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