Cloud Computing Landscape [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cloud Computing: This is a beginner’s guide to cloud computing and how it can be looked at and broken down into three easy to understand sections. The first section concerns  Private/Enterprise Cloud and the major players within this field. HP, Oracle, CISCO, and IBM are four of the major companies who use this system as a way to maintain more control over the data that their organisations produce.

The second section concerns the Public Cloud with reference to the companies that are most recognizable and active within this field. As opposed to a Private Cloud, these organisations make applications and storage free to the general public over the internet.

Here we find some of the world’s biggest organisations such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. The third type of cloud is the Hybrid Cloud, which entails the use of both private and public clouds to provide an organisation’s computing needs. Here the biggest players are Verizon, RackSpace, and Teremark. All of the organisations who employ these forms of cloud computing are huge multinationals  often with billion dollar assets, and tens of thousands of employees.

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Cloud Computing Landscape Infographics

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