Benefits of Starting a Business with Cloud Computing

Want to be an entrepreneur? You’re not alone. A new, billion-dollar software startup is founded once every three months. Wondering how, in today’s economic turmoil, a startup could possibly realize that kind of success? There are a few key factors working in favor of today’s startups. Sure, the economy isn’t great right now. But what that means for you is that prices are low – including wages and office space, two key components that contribute to your overhead. If you launch your company today, take advantage of low prices and establish your brand, your startup will be ripe for gains when the economy takes a turn for the better. This gives you a distinct advantage over potential competitors who choose not to enter the market until the economy has improved. Finally, barriers to entry are lower today than ever before. That’s due in part to cloud computing technology, which enables entrepreneurs to take advantage of the most advanced technology and software applications at a fraction of the cost of operating a traditional data center. Get all the facts on cloud computing, how it can save you money, and why today is the right time to launch a startup by checking out the infographic below.

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